Need pebbles and river stones delivered? No problem. We offer a handy delivery service for pebbles and river stones to customers located in the Perth metro area. $200.00 minimum purchase (before delivery charge) and a delivery charge applies. To calculate the delivery charge to your home go to then click “Get Direction” from the top right corner. Enter “2 Enterprise Crescent, Malaga WA 6090” in “Start” field, and enter the delivery address into “End” field) and the delivery charge can then be calculated. If you have any preferred delivery date/time, please leave us a note at the bottom of the order page.

Delivery fee (GST inclusive):

  • Less than 20km from Malaga - $60.00
  • 21 - 40km from Malaga - $80.00
  • 41 - 60 km from Malaga - $100.00
  • 61 - 80km from Malaga - $120.00
  • 81 - 100km from Malaga - $140.00
  •  More than 100km from Malaga - please contact us for quote

Within 20km from Artistic Stone - $60.00
And $20.00 per 20km thereafter.
For distances over 100km we will quote on freight.
*Includes unloading (we only can unload where our truck/ute can park)
#Conditions may apply